Welcome to SIS

For Administration

Various SIS applications available to staff including on-line student statements and administrative reports.

For Faculty

Some SIS applications are specific to faculty such as on-line class lists and student documents.

For Students

On-line student applications developed to allow students better access to their academic records such as transcripts and address information.

For Tech Support

Access is restricted to these applications for SIS tech support only

For specific information or access to applications please contact the UIT Help Desk via email ithelp@yorku.ca
For SIS access, please contact your department's SIS designate(s)

Welcome to the Student Information System(SIS) Web Site. The SIS is the administrative application used to track academic records of all undergraduate and graduate students. SIS has also developed various on-line web applications for staff, faculty and students.

The University is committed to taking every reasonable step to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the information contained in the records of applicants/students. These records are kept for academic purposes only and should not be used otherwise. Unless compelled to do so by law, or authorized by the student in writing, users of the University's Student Information System will not disclose the confidential contents of student records to any party outside the University or to non-authorized members of the University community.

Non-web SIS applications are now available on WebFAS by means of RemoteSALv2. For more information, please visit our RemoteSALv2 Information Page.

Please note that the SIS web apps work best with Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or 8, and Firefox 3.x The latest versions of Safari and Chrome may also be used.

Javascript will need to be enabled in your browser for some of the SIS applications